Building Code Compliance Reviews

Meyers Norris Penny

Unison Construction Management
South Surrey Office Tenant Improvement
City of Surrey, BC

Celerity Engineering provided a building code compliance review for the three floors of new office space as well as a building code review to Unison Construction Management for the proposed use that included floor interconnections, lengthy travel distances and multiple tenancies on one of the floors. Our review allowed Unison to ensure timely processing of the building permit application by the City of Surrey.

Alternative Solutions

Residential Duplex Fire Wall

Bill Curtis & Associates Design Ltd.
Residential Duplex with Secondary Suites
District of North Vancouver, BC

Celerity Engineering has helped a number of clients where the building code intent can be met using a more cost-effective project-specific solution when compared to the prescriptive building code requirements. For example, Bill Curtis & Associates were proposing a duplex with secondary suites in the District of North Vancouver. The building code requires that a masonry fire wall be constructed between the two building halves due to the secondary suites proposed. To reduce construction time and costs, Celerity Engineering provided an Alternative Solution that reduced the required 2hr rated masonry fire wall to a 1hr rated framed wall assembly.

Travel Distance Extension

Unison Construction Management
Skyzone - Trampoline Fun Park
City of Surrey, BC

Celerity Engineering has facilitated a number of clients when they have hit a stumbling block because their space design does not comply with the prescriptive building code requirements. For Skyzone, Celerity Engineering provided an Alternative Solution that allowed for a travel distance within the suite that exceeded the building code maximum travel distance of 45m. This Alternative Solution allowed the client to not compromise their trampoline park design that was otherwise proving to not comply with the building code due to existing suite layout conditions.

Property Existing Condition Reviews

Celerity Engineering has assisted a number of clients to determine if an intended commercial/industrial leasing space meets their requirements prior to final lease agreements and prior to the start of costly renovations. Unfortunately, existing conditions within tenant spaces may not fully comply to the building code due to the proposed use, the previous use, the age of the building, and a number of other reasons. Correcting these existing conditions can prove to be costly for the new tenant if these conditions are not identified before the completion of lease negotiations.

Valor Fireplaces of Miles Industries Ltd.

Code Compliance Site Review
Commercial Warehouse & Office Space
City of Burnaby, BC

Miles Industries retained our services to review a potential new warehouse space in Burnaby, BC. The review’s intention was to identify any significant building code compliances issues within the context of Part 3 of the British Columbia Building Code. In addition to any observed issues, we also provide information on other items to consider and informational points that can be of interest to both the intended lessee as well as the lessor. Our report provided a building analysis and outlined the issues that were identified. Our report provided valuable information that Miles Industries could use in their leasing negotiations.

BOSA Properties

Tenant Space Demising
City of Burnaby, BC

Celerity Engineering has been retained by Bosa Properties to review existing tenant spaces in order to highlight any building code issues as well as provide egress analysis when planning to propose possible CRU expansion or division prior to leasing.

Fire Safety Plans

Unison Construction Management
Skyzone - Trampoline Fun Park

Trampoline Fun Park
City of Surrey, BC

Celerity Engineering provided updated Fire Safety Plan Signage and fire extinguisher location consulting to meet the fire code requirements following the completion of exiting modifications to an existing tenant space to improve the leasability of the space.

Commercial Kitchens

Vancouver Club – SITU Design

Main Kitchen Renovation
915 West Hastings, Vancouver

Celerity Engineering provided electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire suppression engineering for the major kitchen renovation at the historic Vancouver Club in downtown Vancouver. As the building was originally built in 1913 with many renovations since, modernising the 2nd floor kitchen in the middle of the historic building unearthed many unexpected existing conditions that one could only see and understand after demolition. Combining our design drawings, site visits and Building Code expertise, we were able to push forward our engineering solutions as well as comment upon the many Code concerns that arose during the reconstruction. The outcome: a technologically innovative kitchen the Vancouver Club can be, and is, proud of.

L'Abattoir Private Dining Lounge

Private Dining Kitchen Build-out
216 Carrol Street, Vancouver

Celerity Engineering provided the electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineering and building code consulting for the private dining facilities at L’Abattoir in Gastown. The private dining facilities are across the alley from the main restaurant and is home to its own new and modern kitchen. Along with engineering design, we provided answers to a number of building code related questions as well as a requested variance memo that in the end allowed the deletion of otherwise required draft stops. For reasons of aesthetics and headroom clearance challenges, the designer had hoped we could find a way to eliminate the need for the 18” draft stops on the convenience stair opening between the 1st and 2nd storeys of the building. Through our report discussion, it was shown that the deletion of these draft stops did not increase the risk to life safety. In addition to this report, we also provided City addressed memos concerning electrical, plumbing and mechanical issues that helped move construction forward while addressing material and installation concerns.